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This is about reading. Some ranting, mostly reading.
March 2016
text: Disturbing
Disturbing and thought provoking all in one. A dark story and one that will stay with you.
Karmic Circle - Angela Yuriko Smith
text: Must have childrens book
This book has it all. A sweet lizard. A lesson. Great graphics and in the end a sweet feel good end.
The Literary Lizard - Robin Wiesneth, Angela Yuriko Smith
February 2016
text: Get it
I love seeing authors grow in their craft and thus far few books have shown so much growth as this book by Sandora.The plot i...
Gabby, The Protector: Finding Forever (Gabby, Angel of God: Angel Adventures Book 2) - Greg Sandora
January 2016
text: Phew
Be still my beating heart.Oh no. It is not my heart I am afraid off. It is my hormone level.Ok so this book is not my cup of ...
Hydromancist - Charmaine Pauls
December 2015
text: Oh wow
Admittedly book I was not for me. It was not bad but.... If it were not for the fact that I have read other books in another ...
Tegen Justice (Tegens Book 2) - Inge-Lise Goss
November 2015
text: Hand me a fan.
So for somebody who does not like romance I sure do love this authors work. A complicated yet logical plot line takes the rea...
Abducted: Reconnaissance Team (Texas Rangers: Special Ops Book 1) - T.C. Archer
October 2015
text: What a ride
Ok.As a reader I find myself living hundreds of lives, in as many places. Some if not most are truly fantastical. It is peopl...
Beyond the Pale - C. Michelle McCarty
July 2015
reviewed: Wow
Book one start with a rocky beginning. The stop go formula used did not work for me. Even with that the plot was so intriguin...
Knot of the Slain (Blood Angels Book 1) - T.C. Archer
May 2015
text: Love this book!
Tarah Scott did it once again. She made me like a romance which I usually try to avoid.A bit more intricate than your normal ...
Claimed - Tarah Scott
February 2015
text: Cool read
This is an amazing read. Truly a great and really enjoyable read. I loved getting lost in these lovers fight to stay alive....
Surrender - Jennifer   Burrows
January 2015
text: Lets dance
Well, what to say about this book?I only noticed after I received a copy for review that this book is written by a reverend. ...
God is in the Little Things: Messages From the Golden Angels (Volume 2) - Patricia Brooks
November 2014
text: Oh Ivey
If I can give a 5* rating based on the cover alone then this is the book I would give it too. The cover is absolutely stunnin...
When Aliens Weep: An Alien Apocalyptic Saga (Species Intervention #6609 Book 7) - J.K. Accinni
November 2014
reviewed: Had to fan myself
This book has an amazing immediate hook. I am not big on romance books. At all. Though this one sure got it's hooks into me f...
To Tame a Highland Earl   (A MacLean Highlander Novel #1) - Tarah Scott