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Oh wow

Tegen Justice (Tegens Book 2) - Inge-Lise Goss

Admittedly book I was not for me. It was not bad but.... If it were not for the fact that I have read other books in another series penned by this author I might have skipped this book. Boy am I glad I did not. My issues with book one is not a factor in book two and Sara, our protagonist, really comes into her own in this book. She gets her own voice with far less angst. Far more experience and a clear objective.

The book still has a lot of spiders but this time they are mostly caged....is that what it is called? Any way. It has romance but no triangle. This time common sense is the problem not another possible lover.

Action galore. Where super powers hardens the job not ease it..... This book is a page turner. Drug running. Organized crime. Murder. Mayhem, love and lust. A bite of the paranormal.... Really. This is one you should not skip. I did read book one so I am not totally sure I am correct in my next statement but I feel you can read this book perfectly well as a standalone as well.

Happy reading.