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Gabby, The Protector: Finding Forever (Gabby, Angel of God: Angel Adventures Book 2) - Greg Sandora

I love seeing authors grow in their craft and thus far few books have shown so much growth as this book by Sandora.
The plot is fast and tight. The writing is strong and clear. The author is really growing and it is obvious in this book.

Gabby is back. Bo has a new life and the struggle carry on. This time however Bo is far more likeable. He is no longer like a love struck teenager and far more like a grown man with a mission and ideals.

Gabby remains too good to be true as she should be seeing she is an Angel. I like the other new Angels introduced in this book as well.

All in all as a standalone in Christian fiction I can recommend this book but as part of the series this is a MUST read. Thus far, by far, the best book I have had the pleasure of reading by this author.