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Book Mews and Tattle Tails

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Love this book!

Claimed - Tarah Scott

Tarah Scott did it once again. She made me like a romance which I usually try to avoid.
A bit more intricate than your normal historic romance this book spans three to four generations and grand fathers and grand mothers add delight and charm to the plot.

Usually the male protagonists in these stories are at the start misunderstood. Not so here. This is an Englishman who knows who is who in the zoo and what is left is for him to convince our not close to a dewy eyed maiden that what she feels for him is a good thing.

I loved the characters in this book. The intricate fluffing out of even the sword sworn and the scene with the goat and the wedding dress all added to the over all professional writing from a woman I consider a master of her chosen genre.