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Lets dance

God is in the Little Things: Messages From the Golden Angels (Volume 2) - Patricia Brooks

Well, what to say about this book?
I only noticed after I received a copy for review that this book is written by a reverend. Ok so the title might have been an indication but let's be honest. Titles are often misleading.

So I started the book expecting to be preached at and already I was up in arms. I am a Christian and I adore Christian based literature but.....being preached at is not my idea of fun. Informed, yes. Inspired, yes! Motivated, yes. Preached at, no.


At about the middle of chapter one with not a preachy word in sight I started to relax. By the end of chapter three I knew that the author is an interfaith reverend and that this book is not written to preach but to inspire by telling of her own journey.

Given, I am not totally sold on everything she used on her path, I myself am a Reiki practitioner but only level one. Still...I feed my hang up's with more hang ups.

This however is not about my hang ups but rather about a pretty amazing thing that happened while I read the book. It calmed me. I have been pretty busy and pretty stressed lately but all of a sudden I found myself craving time to read more simply to relax.

I am most assuredly going to explore these pats further. I know I am very closed off and feel I might be drowning out my inner higher Self due to nothing more than fear. Who knows, maybe one of these days you might see me dance....

WaAr rrg