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The Jelly Bean Crisis - Jolene Stockman

I have noticed that if a book is entertaining I write a sentence or 5 saying this is good people. Read it. If I hate a book I rant for paragraphs on end. At times though I find a book like this. One that is entertaining, yes, but also packs a punch. I mean a punch people.

Meet Poppy. She is a 16 year old over achiever. Her two best friends matches her drive step for step. However Poppy needs to decide her entire future in a minute. A future she had mapped out since she was a wee lass. And.....she chokes. What if this future will not make her happy? What if this plan for her future is not the red Jellybean she craves. See Poppy has a system for decision making based on Jellybean colours. Red is the best and should be kept for last. Is her plan going to take her to the red or will it take her to a mediocre yellow?

This is an amazing story. Poppy like most of us is not sure at 16 what she wants from the rest of her life. Unlike most of us she does not conform. No. She goes out and engage life to see what makes her heart happy. Not the hearts of her friends, family and teachers. Even this she does with style. She meets a boy. No triangle. No insta-love instead insta-attraction, then respect, then the start of romance. They are both driven. They both work incredibly hard and neither of them expects others to hand them the perfect life on a candy costed cookie dough platter.

Poppy is an amazing character. The book is ideal for the YA audience but let me tell you. It inspired even me. If Poppy can push so hard to find her destiny then I can work harder to make mine better.

So who is still wondering if they should read this book?

WaAr rrg.