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Oh Bo!

Gabby, Angel of God - Greg Sandora

This is an exceptionally sweet story where love is the theme and the plot.
The author did an exceptional job in highlighting romantic love, respect and love of life and using what they have in common to weave his plot while he uses their differences to weave his theme. 
I found this ability to be exceptional. 

Gaby herself is a kick@s$ heroin and her sexual attractiveness is used to lure, to pacify and to blind. Her world view however left me feeling uplifted and hopeful. Bo is a man, a somewhat more insightful character than your normal 35 year old protagonist. The two of them together forms a reflection of humanities ability and acts as a mirror in which we can see our best possible selves if only we would crawl to church. The crawling bit is from the book. I loved it, and it left me feeling guilty still it like so much else in this book evoked feelings from me. That is what I want from a book. I want it to make me feel. The end of this story left me feeling hopeful and ....well. Read it. 

My one and only complaint I have regarding this book is the naive voice the author chose for Bo and even Gaby. Gaby, being an Angel in a way made sense. Bo, a bit less. So how is this for irony? This naive pov also adds to the story. My conflicting view over if it added more than it took away is mine. Read it. Decide for yourself. Get your copy today.