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Book Mews and Tattle Tails

This is about reading. Some ranting, mostly reading.


Karmic Circle - Angela Yuriko Smith

Disturbing and thought provoking all in one. A dark story and one that will stay with you. 



Must have childrens book

The Literary Lizard - Robin Wiesneth, Angela Yuriko Smith

This book has it all. A sweet lizard. A lesson. Great graphics and in the end a sweet feel good end. 

Get it

Gabby, The Protector: Finding Forever (Gabby, Angel of God: Angel Adventures Book 2) - Greg Sandora

I love seeing authors grow in their craft and thus far few books have shown so much growth as this book by Sandora.
The plot is fast and tight. The writing is strong and clear. The author is really growing and it is obvious in this book.

Gabby is back. Bo has a new life and the struggle carry on. This time however Bo is far more likeable. He is no longer like a love struck teenager and far more like a grown man with a mission and ideals.

Gabby remains too good to be true as she should be seeing she is an Angel. I like the other new Angels introduced in this book as well.

All in all as a standalone in Christian fiction I can recommend this book but as part of the series this is a MUST read. Thus far, by far, the best book I have had the pleasure of reading by this author.


Hydromancist - Charmaine Pauls

Be still my beating heart.
Oh no. It is not my heart I am afraid off. It is my hormone level.
Ok so this book is not my cup of tea. I actively dislike erotica. Especially when a story is thinly disguised purely for the sake to get to the next hot scene.
This book actually has a strong story line carrying the erotica not centred around it. Still, it has enough erotic scenes to make me shy away.
That said. The story is really well written. The book is well edited and the plot is entertaining but if erotica does not do if for you, hear me now. Skip this. If you love erotica. Trust me, you will adore this book.

So get your copy today and decide for your self.

WaAr rrg

Oh wow

Tegen Justice (Tegens Book 2) - Inge-Lise Goss

Admittedly book I was not for me. It was not bad but.... If it were not for the fact that I have read other books in another series penned by this author I might have skipped this book. Boy am I glad I did not. My issues with book one is not a factor in book two and Sara, our protagonist, really comes into her own in this book. She gets her own voice with far less angst. Far more experience and a clear objective.

The book still has a lot of spiders but this time they are mostly caged....is that what it is called? Any way. It has romance but no triangle. This time common sense is the problem not another possible lover.

Action galore. Where super powers hardens the job not ease it..... This book is a page turner. Drug running. Organized crime. Murder. Mayhem, love and lust. A bite of the paranormal.... Really. This is one you should not skip. I did read book one so I am not totally sure I am correct in my next statement but I feel you can read this book perfectly well as a standalone as well.

Happy reading.


Hand me a fan.

Abducted: Reconnaissance Team (Texas Rangers: Special Ops Book 1) - T.C. Archer

So for somebody who does not like romance I sure do love this authors work.

A complicated yet logical plot line takes the reader into the heavy and dirty underground world of human smuggling.

It also takes you on a road of acceptance, growth and a willingness to live with a new reality. A passionate reality. A fascinating realty.

All of this is boiling down to one truth.
This is a romance book. One with a story to back up the romance but still a romance and it is better written and edited than most. It is a good fast, mostly clean read that is filled with hope and awh moments.

Thus a fun read. Pick up your copy today.


What a ride

— feeling amazing
Beyond the Pale - C. Michelle McCarty

As a reader I find myself living hundreds of lives, in as many places. Some if not most are truly fantastical. It is people I cannot identify with. Places I have never seen. And that is fantastic.

Along comes Abbie. A bit rough around the edges. But a person who believes in action not so much words.

A person who shows she cares by getting involved instead of judging by the side line. And so she should. Who is she to judge. Her son is the result of a teen pregnancy. She abused alcohol and narcotics. She raised her son admirably as an only parent and her son more than anybody else shows Abbie's true nature. Here is a woman I can identify with. Somebody that had to decide to do the right thing. Somebody who is not even close to being perfect.

Then on her mothers funeral she meets a man. She is interested and the reader gets a glimpse of a budding romance. She reconnects with family but this is closer to the Adams family than to the Cosby family. Or ok, maybe the reverse. It is hard to tell these days.

And after an eventful day Abbie returns home. To a trailer park. To a woman who is more like a mother to her than her own mother. V is a paragon of virtue. Not a saint but close to it. Her son Kevin is a mature man but due to a childhood accident he is mentally about 14. Sometimes younger. Always entertaining. Abbie returns to a group of strangers that has become family by choice. Not perfect people. But real people.

Abbie returns home from home. One hostile, the other paradise because in Beyond the Pale the reader reads about real people who lives real lives and who is a family because they want to be involved in each others lives. You read about a community. You read about the purest form of love. Love for they neighbour for this is the type of love that you always need to work on. Blood does not keep you together. Neither choice as in romantic love. Here love is a choice. It is real


Knot of the Slain (Blood Angels Book 1) - T.C. Archer

Book one start with a rocky beginning. The stop go formula used did not work for me. Even with that the plot was so intriguing I was soon engrossed in the story even though the writing style was choppy.
Then in book two and three you get dragged into a world almost possible. Almost and you get to root for the good guys, the bad guys and some that is a bit of both.

Book four needed a wee bit of more editing but it worked like a charm so as to get the reader closure while still leaving the door open to this world for more in the series.

I for one will be reading more.

WaAr rrg

Love this book!

Claimed - Tarah Scott

Tarah Scott did it once again. She made me like a romance which I usually try to avoid.
A bit more intricate than your normal historic romance this book spans three to four generations and grand fathers and grand mothers add delight and charm to the plot.

Usually the male protagonists in these stories are at the start misunderstood. Not so here. This is an Englishman who knows who is who in the zoo and what is left is for him to convince our not close to a dewy eyed maiden that what she feels for him is a good thing.

I loved the characters in this book. The intricate fluffing out of even the sword sworn and the scene with the goat and the wedding dress all added to the over all professional writing from a woman I consider a master of her chosen genre.


Cool read

Surrender - Jennifer   Burrows

This is an amazing read.  Truly a great and really enjoyable read.  I loved getting lost in these lovers fight to stay alive.


WaAr rrg

Lets dance

God is in the Little Things: Messages From the Golden Angels (Volume 2) - Patricia Brooks

Well, what to say about this book?
I only noticed after I received a copy for review that this book is written by a reverend. Ok so the title might have been an indication but let's be honest. Titles are often misleading.

So I started the book expecting to be preached at and already I was up in arms. I am a Christian and I adore Christian based literature but.....being preached at is not my idea of fun. Informed, yes. Inspired, yes! Motivated, yes. Preached at, no.


At about the middle of chapter one with not a preachy word in sight I started to relax. By the end of chapter three I knew that the author is an interfaith reverend and that this book is not written to preach but to inspire by telling of her own journey.

Given, I am not totally sold on everything she used on her path, I myself am a Reiki practitioner but only level one. Still...I feed my hang up's with more hang ups.

This however is not about my hang ups but rather about a pretty amazing thing that happened while I read the book. It calmed me. I have been pretty busy and pretty stressed lately but all of a sudden I found myself craving time to read more simply to relax.

I am most assuredly going to explore these pats further. I know I am very closed off and feel I might be drowning out my inner higher Self due to nothing more than fear. Who knows, maybe one of these days you might see me dance....

WaAr rrg

Oh Ivey

When Aliens Weep: An Alien Apocalyptic Saga (Species Intervention #6609 Book 7) - J.K. Accinni

If I can give a 5* rating based on the cover alone then this is the book I would give it too. The cover is absolutely stunning and if I came upon it in a bookstore the cover alone would have had me reach for my purse.
The womb, it is a few years, oh not that long say a 100 or so years after the earth went kaboom cause we are basically all idiots. Echo and Baby saved a few people and now what?
Well this, the 7th book in the story explores what happens to the survivors of a nuclear holocaust.

However, Ivey stole the show for me in this book. Her love, pure and simple turns the tide and gets to turn convention not based on anything apart from devotion. I LOVED this. The question is posed in the book -- but your both females? With love however Ivey shows everybody that gender is not the concept that should be addressed. Instead it is love.

The book is amazing and a new evil character made for a very interesting twist and and and but I fell in love with the love Ivey showed and how she went about it. It was totally amazing and had me a bit choked up at times. In all the previous books Baby was by and large my favourite character but in this one Baby --sorry Baby -- has been replaced. I loved this.

If Sci-fi and drama is your genre then this series with this book specifically is the book you need to buy.


Had to fan myself

To Tame a Highland Earl   (A MacLean Highlander Novel #1) - Tarah Scott

This book has an amazing immediate hook. I am not big on romance books. At all. Though this one sure got it's hooks into me from the first three sentences and kept me hooked with temptation, intrigue, mis-communication and lots and lots of passio... I mean tension.

This book is 100% romance with historical High Sea escapades to add spice and a bit more sugar.

A very well written period romance that had me sigh plenty of times. Such a Highland Earl is welcome anytime!

WaAr rrg


The Cost of Crude - Inge-Lise Goss

This author has grown so much.  Reading this thriller was truly a ride on a rollercoaster for any reader.  


The Jelly Bean Crisis - Jolene Stockman

I have noticed that if a book is entertaining I write a sentence or 5 saying this is good people. Read it. If I hate a book I rant for paragraphs on end. At times though I find a book like this. One that is entertaining, yes, but also packs a punch. I mean a punch people.

Meet Poppy. She is a 16 year old over achiever. Her two best friends matches her drive step for step. However Poppy needs to decide her entire future in a minute. A future she had mapped out since she was a wee lass. And.....she chokes. What if this future will not make her happy? What if this plan for her future is not the red Jellybean she craves. See Poppy has a system for decision making based on Jellybean colours. Red is the best and should be kept for last. Is her plan going to take her to the red or will it take her to a mediocre yellow?

This is an amazing story. Poppy like most of us is not sure at 16 what she wants from the rest of her life. Unlike most of us she does not conform. No. She goes out and engage life to see what makes her heart happy. Not the hearts of her friends, family and teachers. Even this she does with style. She meets a boy. No triangle. No insta-love instead insta-attraction, then respect, then the start of romance. They are both driven. They both work incredibly hard and neither of them expects others to hand them the perfect life on a candy costed cookie dough platter.

Poppy is an amazing character. The book is ideal for the YA audience but let me tell you. It inspired even me. If Poppy can push so hard to find her destiny then I can work harder to make mine better.

So who is still wondering if they should read this book?

WaAr rrg.


Jack Canon's American Destiny - Greg Sandora

Ok so once you start this book, you will notice that Jack simply adores woman.
If the woman is stunning, that much the better. He loves their shape, their voices the way they move.
If you walk into his office, you have an excellent chance of finding a woman whom is not his wife on his lap.
His wife, is kinda a rocking woman as well and must be the most self assured woman in the history of human kind.

So I am forgetting something....Oh yes. Jack is also the president of the United States of America.

This book is far less about politics although the author does address some issues with an excellent eye for details and with objectivity while not giving up an inch on patriotism, it is more about empowering woman to balance out a system that is currently not all that balanced.
Written by a man -- that is obvious ladies, you'll see what I mean once you read the book -- these woman are stunning, smart and at the top of their game or fast on their way. No glass ceiling will keep this woman boxed in, not even if the said ceiling is in the White House itself!